Nowadays with everything being so fast paced and just clicks away. Likewise, customers also want quick answers to their questions. This is where live chatbot can facilitate both personalization and near-instant response. Live chat is great when you are selling a product that requires extensive requirements gathering. For instance, we here at Vacker sell all kinds of different types of products so having live chat with our customers helps us to understand their requirements and direct them to the right product. Similarly, this can be used by you to increase your company sales by chatting with the customer directly and helping them out in real time. 

In contrast to a traditional approach of using emails to follow up with customers which could take days of back-and-forth mails. Live chatting speeds up the follow up process as well. This will save both employee and customer’s time. 

Another feature which compliments live chat are live chatbot. Live chat bots can be very helpful for live chat agents in many ways. Chat bots can handle frequently asked questions and answers on their own which would save the live agent’s time. Bots can collect information before transferring to a human agent. This can help the live agent understand the context of the chat and what the customers are really looking for.

Vacker Chat

We have built a chat platform keeping these features in mind.AI Live chatbot with Vacker Vacker Chat allows you to seamlessly transfer to a human agent from a chatbot. Design your own chat flow conversation. You can start your chat with a bot which would be able to handle general questions and then transfer to a live agent when required, or you could directly speak to a live agent. 

We even provide a custom dashboard for live agents which gives them live notification when customers start a new chat. The dashboard displays customers information such as location, IP address and email to the agent so it is easier to identify them. The dashboard also consists of general messages which can be used for frequently sent messages. These can be modified and changed according to your preference. Contact us today for more information on our live chatbot!