AI Chatbot for BusinessWhat is a chatbot? What is the goal of a chatbot? Can it even help your business? Let’s discuss all these questions.

Chatbots have been around since the 1950s but they have started gaining popularity in recent times. The main reason is how technology has evolved businesses and our surrounding. In this age communication via text is very common so naturally chatting with your customer is key to most of the businesses.

This is where the chatbots come in. They are like a virtual employee whose task is to talk to the customer about their needs in real-time without the help of an actual human. Therefore, they can stay online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week providing an automated service which would not be possible for a human.

The goals of every chatbot might differ from each other. Mainly, there are two types of chatbots:

First one is a straightforward bot which runs on a script and can only answer by using different options. The other type is an AI powered chatbot, these bots use artificial intelligence to converse with the customers and reply meaningfully in accordance to the context of the conversation.

The first type works great for just giving information to the user using different options. For instance, if you want people to know about what you sell and do. Basic information such as this can be fed to the chatbot and they can answer it for you to anyone and anytime who asks such simple questions.

The second type is the AI powered chat; this is where the bot can truly carry a conversation. It can not only provide basic information but can also handle context-based conversations. For instance, the bot recommends the user five different items. The user can then request to differentiate between those items just as they would ask a normal human and they will receive a meaningful response. However, there will be times where the bot would not be able to handle certain queries and for that we have a transfer to live agent feature. If the bot can not answer or respond meaningfully then the bot sends the chat transcript to a human agent who can then continue carrying the conversation which was left by the bot.

There are many ways in which adding a chatbot can benefit your business. If you are an online business, many customers would require help at the spot which is where the bot shines. The 24/7 availability is a very valuable feature as you will not miss on any users which might be available in your non-operating times as well. And in certain scenarios it might even save you some money as implementing a chatbot is cheaper than hiring employees to do the same task.

Now that we have a good idea of how powerful bots can be and how valuable they can be to a business. We can help you make a bot which would be tailored to your business needs and requirements. As discussed earlier every chatbot is programmed towards different goals. We can make you a simple information sharing chatbot to a chatbot that can recommend users the items they want based on their choices.

Some of the features we provide:

  • Natural Conversation Flow
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Contextual Chat
  • Tone Analyzer
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Improvement over time
  • Integration into Slack, Facebook or Custom website
  • Secure Data
  • Retrieve responses from documents
  • Chat Logs
  • Email chat log after chat
  • Transfer to live agent integration (coming soon)
  • Human-like chat