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Internet of Things

It is estimated that networked devices would exceed 15 billion by 2020, suggesting you to switch over to the new technical trends.

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We provide our customers with IoT consulting, demonstrating the connection of network and communication between devices.

Software for BMS

A robust software that revolutionizes the energy and operational efficiency of Building Management Systems.

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Our Building Management Systems are easy to install, integrate and maintain , thereby ensuring the safety and comfort of its residents.

Document Expiration

Due to hectic lifestyles, we are bound to miss out on important activities such as the renewal of crucial documents.

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Our Document Expiry software will generate alerts prior to the expiry date of your desired documents.

Mapping Software

Temperature and Humidity Mapping software is used to automate and simplify the tedious tasks involved while carrying out the temperature or humidity mapping studies.

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Our mapping software automates or simplifies some of the routine tasks thereby saving time and increasing accuracy.

MKT Calculation

Mean Kinetic Temperature calculation is to understand the effects of temperature variations for temperature-sensitive goods during storage and transportation.

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Mean Kinetic Temperature is required to understand the effects of temperature variations for temperature-sensitive goods while transportating and storing them.

Dehumidifier Capacity Calculation

The capacity of a dehumidifier indicates the amount of moisture to be removed from the atmosphere to provide a healthy environment.

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Our Dehumidifier Capacity Calculation software helps you select the right dehumidifier by calculating the capacity based on the input temperature and humidity values.

Split testing for marketing

Split testing is required to analyse the flow of customers and tapping the results to improve performance.

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We are in the process of performing a marketing strategy to assess the inflow of customers, attracted by an ad, with the integration of software and hardware.


Ecommerce includes transacting buying and selling online, automation of data collection systems, Internet marketing, etc.

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VackerGlobal sells its products and services online on our ecommerce portal –

Displaying monitoring for stores

The visitors looking at a display window in front of a store will be monitored.

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This data can then be analyzed to display different articles.


These clients are for our diverse products and services.



Philosophy We Strive For

VackerGlobal, a group of companies dealing with engineering solutions such as Temperature and Humidity Management, PLC, Industrial and Process Automation solutions. Vacker began its journey from its maiden office in UAE. Thereafter, as we know that growth is inevitable, we expanded our services worldwide covering Kuwait, Oman, Africa, USA and India. With our consistent track record of delivering quality products and services, we have managed to carve a niche in the market. Vacker firmly believes in its core principles of integrity and ethics and achieving customer satisfaction through employee satisfaction.

Skills We Use

Graphic Designing 95%
Core PHP 89%
Wordpress 97%
Magento 90%


Dileep PS

Dileep P. S.

Founder & CEO

Herlene Miraflor


Pooja Ambale

Assistant Manager – Sales

Prakash Luitel


Lubna Khan

Web Developer

Saquib Sheikh

Graphic Designer

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