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Product Overview

We provide a sophisticated, modern, and all-in-one solution to Human Resource Management. This product takes care of everything that an HR software can provide. It makes employee recruitment, record management, employee onboarding, benefits, timesheets, and other administrative tasks easier. You will get rid of paper works, capture, store, secure, and access information in a more efficient manner with the use of this application.

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Key Features

  • Interactive Dashboard: Visually rich dashboard containing leave analysis, contracts, timesheets, employee details in different departments, and lot more information.
  • Centralized Employee Directory: Organize all information related to an employee at a single point. 
  • Easy Payroll processing: Advanced payslip generation methods will reduce your payroll processing time.
HRM payroll processing
  • Appraisal: Create evaluation plans, design surveys and interviews, schedule the evaluation and do periodic appraisals
hrm appraisal
  • Attendance and Leave: Attendance can be done in different modes like from the web portal, using biometric devices, Kiosk mode from which the employee can mark his attendance using the pin number or swiping the ID card.
HRM Attendance
  • Employee Benefits: Loans, Insurance, Advance Salary which an employee can directly request to the manager and manager can process further.
HRM Employee benefits
  • Efficient Recruitment and applicant tracking: Publish the openings on the website, get applications, the process further according to the company’s policy.
hrm employee recruitment
  • Custody – Facilitating tools and assets: Employees can request the company properties and take with them till the deadline.
hrm custody
  • Employee transfer: Keeps record of employee transfers
hrm employee transfer
  • Disciplinary Tracking: Keeps track of disciplinary issues of employees.
  • Gratuity Settlement: Helps to process gratuity settlement for an employee during the resignation time.
  • Legal actions: Keeps the record of legal actions taken part of any employees.
hrm demo legal management
  • Employee Resignation: The employee can fill in necessary details and send his resignation request to the higher officials for further processing.
  • Employee Survey: Helps in collecting the real, actionable data from employees for better decision making in business
  • Project Management: Keep track of company projects, tasks, and timesheets.
  • Announcement: Manage official announcements
  • Insurance Management: Manages insurance and insurance policies of employees
  • Biometric Device Integration for attendance
  • Reporting: Leaves, Expenses, Recruitment, Attendance and timesheet
  • HR Documents Management: Allows HR to manage employee documents and sends periodic expiry notifications


  1. Complete HR application
  2. Highly customizable according to the customer’s needs
  3. Comes with report analysis features with various format reports like .xlsx, .pdf, graphical reports
  4. Easy interface for importing/exporting data

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