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We suggest you enter dummy information (not private info like real email address, phone number, etc) in the forms while checking this demo application. The data in the demo database will be deleted at a regular interval of 15 days.

Product Overview

Vehicle Rental System is an application that helps in managing the rental of vehicles like car, van, bike, jeep, etc. It manages fleet/vehicle easily and tracks every expense as well as income. It can track the payment for your vehicle that is in rent with validity before the customer leaves.

Rental Contract Overview

Key Features

  • Rental contract
    You can easily add a rental contract with minimal effort using the form.
  • Multiple Plans for Rental Contract (Days/Weeks/Months/Years).
    You can choose between multiple contract plans as days/weeks/months/years.
  • Integrated with Accounting Module.
    Accounting is easily handled, you don’t need to worry.
  • Automatically Create Recurring Invoices.
    Recurring invoices are created automatically to reduce user hassle.
  • Sending email for confirmation, first payment, and recurrent invoices.
    Email sending feature is present. You can send an email for rental contract confirmation, first payment, and recurrent invoices
  • Check List Facility.
    Checklist facility is integrated, that will be validated by the system before the rental contract is terminated
  • Separate Tree view for Checklist.
    All the checklist can be easily viewed in one go.
  • Damage Checking Facility.
    Damage checking can be performed with our checklist facility easily before the contract is terminated.
  • Billing Facility for Damages/Check Lists.
    Billing for damage/checklist can be performed easily.
  • Contract Payment Validations.
    Contract payment is validated before the contract is terminated/closed.
  • Detailed Fleet Rental Analysis Report.
    Detail analysis of rental contracts can be easily performed with our system.
  • Access Rights From Multiple Levels:
      1. Fleet manager – The fleet manager has complete access across the fleet rental management
      2. Fleet rental user – Fleet rental user can read, write and create the records
  • Flexible for further customization.
    If necessary, the system can be easily customized as per your need.


  1. The complete rental management application
  2. Highly customizable according to the customer’s needs
  3. Comes with report analysis features with various format reports like .xlsx, .pdf, graphical reports
  4. Easy interface for importing/exporting data

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