Credential Manager allows us to create and store the credential safely. This application provides storage for all the credentials in one place. Furthermore, it provides the features to share the credential with the set of desired users. It is simple to use and stores only encrypted passwords to the database.


  1. Creation and storage of all credentials in one place (stores encrypted password in the database).
  2. Sharing of credentials with desired users i.e. followers.
  3. Mail sending features to notify the followers of the credential.
  4. Kanban view and tree view to display all the available credentials.
  5. Allows only the creator of the credential to change the password i.e. other followers can not change the password.
  6. Provides useful filters such as URL, Encrypted, Not Encrypted, and Group By options such as URL, Created By, Encrypted.
  7. Inbuilt Import and Export features.


Install the application named password_manager_odoo and use the features of it. This application requires an external package i.e. cryptography in the system.


  • Creating a new record, by default a password is generated which can be changed if not required.
  • Mail sending feature: Click on Notify Followers to send the notification to followers of the credential.
  • Kanban view of the available credentials.
  • Tree view of the available credentials.
  • Filter by options.
  • Group by options.
  • Import new credentials from CSV or XLSX files.
  • Export credentials to CSV or XLSX files.

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